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 There are very few people that we would trust with our pets.  Susan has   
  taken care of our dogs and cat many times when  we needed to be away 
  from home.  When we had an event  that required a hospital stay for one        of us, Susan attended to  the animals two or three times a day for an            extended time.  She is very good with animals and treats them as her          own.

  If you are in need of someone to take care of your pets, for  just a day, or     
  for and extended time, Susan will make sure  your pets are cared for while    
  you are away.

                                                          Sue & Cliff V.

  Susan in fantastic! We didn't know if our dog would let her walk him   
  considering he's still not a very good walker with us and isn't used to 
  strangers coming in the house. Our dog met her when we were looking        
  for a walker and didn't bark at her once. On the first visit our dog had no 
  problems with her except for getting out of his harness in which case         
  she didn't let him get away from her. We realized we were going to be         
  gone too long one day and needed someone to walk him last minute           
  and she fit us in her schedule no problem. We've continued to use her       
  when we go out of town and our dog loves her.         

Jessica A.

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In Memory of 
My Baby
 "I met Susan in person before deciding to utilize her services. Since then, I  could not be more pleased. My #1 priority is making sure my dog (Monkey) is  treated well. Susan is DEFINITELY a dog & pet lover and that is evident in  how she treats Monkey. She has been very flexible with my changing work  schedule and always leaves a nice note after her visit to update me on how  Monkey did for the day. Simply put, without Susan's visits, Monkey's quality  of life would not be as good. Thank you Susan!"    
 "So friendly and caring! Our dog loves her. Always available and fair priced   
  to me our needs. Would definitely recommend.,"

                                                         Eric M.
 "My wife and I both work full time and don't know what we would do without  Susan, We have 3 small dogs that she takes out everyday we both work.  Susan has been great with them and they love her. Susan has come over  under short notice and watched them while we were away for several days  always being flexible and available. We love our little doggies and our lucky  we found such a great person we can trust to take care of them."

"Susan is sharp and right on point. I have no doubt about her ability to  handle my very spoiled cat. She's very personable and straightforward, her  fees are reasonable, and she has a good energy.

                                                                                             Russ W.
  Susan is reliable and I would recommend her services to anyone.  
  Thanks Susan!!!!

        George B
  Hi Susan It's long overdue but thank you so much for looking after Lily and   Norman.

  Nicole T