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Service Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How do I get started?     Call, text or email me to set up a meeting at no cost to you.  This allows you                and your pets to meet with me and see if we are comfortable with each other.

  2.  Are you licensed and insured?   Yes to both.

  3.  How do I pay?

      You can pay by debit/credit card using Paypal, by phone or cash. Daily Services are paid for at the     
      time of service.

      Vacation Services can prepay by debit/credit card using Paypal, by phone or cash. Any additional fees           other than the contracted will be billed to you. Examples-  food or vet visit.

  4.  Do you offer vacation services?  Yes.  The vacation rates start @ $18 a visit.

  5.  What if the weather is bad?

       If a storm is coming, we will either delay your visit till the storm has passed or try to go early to make
       sure your pet gets out.  In case of extreme weather and driving is not possible, we can contact a     
       neighbor of yours that you have designated as your emergency contact.  If we can walk to your 
       location, we will.

  6.  How do you notify me of your visits?   We leave a Visit Note or we can text you when we leave.

  7.  Is there an extra charge for Holidays?  No

  8.  Is there an extra charge for the weekends?  No

  9.  Communication

       Feel free to contact me during business hours by phone, text, or email.  After hours please text or 
       email and I will answer as soon as I can especially if it concerns the next day.

 10. What if my pet gets sick or injured?

       In the paperwork you fill out, it will have emergency information as to what doctor you prefer
       your pet to be taken to.  It will also authorize me to take your pet to another veterinarian or 
       emergency clinic should your doctor not be available.

       I will make every attempt to reach you if your pet becomes sick or injured.

 11. How much notice is needed to schedule service?

       If you are a current client, as soon as possible to fit you in a timely manner.  
       If you are self employed, have a unpredictable schedule, or an emergency, contact us and I will 
       work with you to get your pets taken care of.  
       If you are a new client, 3 days prior to service date if possible, if not, that's ok too.  We need time to    
       meet and sign paperwork and discuss any special needs.

 12. What is the cancellation policy?

       In the event of cancellation of daily services, a refund will be issued with a 4 hour notice prior to 
       service requested.  If you are on vacation/out of town and come home early, with 1 days notice, a 
       refund will be issued for the remainder.  I know personally things can happen to cut your stay short. 
       If you need to cancel your vacation service, an 8 hour notice is necessary for a full refund. If not, you 
       will be responsible for the first day of service.

 13. What happens if you get delayed?

       Call or text me as soon as you know.  I will care for your pets as necessary until you can get home.     
       Charges will apply accordingly.

 14.   Key Policy  

        a.  Return key after you trip
        b.  Retain a copy of your key that would be kept in a secured location